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reading to graduate (A Course Grade 9-12)...Curriculum  Standards  Assessment  Curriculum  Materials                                                 

  • Modeling: The material provides modeling oppertunity to the students as they read on how to think and ask questions.

  • Differentiated Instruction  The software, texts and teacher come together to  reach students' varying learning styles.

  • Scaffolding in the early stages of each unit.

    • Each level carries out this approach by presenting three series of readings.

    •  The first series, gives the necessary scaffolding.  (thinking process)

    •  In the second series drops it.

    • The third series provides hints.

  •  Leveled Readings and Assessments 

    • The challenge for each level becomes progressively greater.  (from the beginning LEVEL (1) to the exit LEVEL (4):)

  •  Ten strategies for improving students' reading and test-taking skills.  It helps to provide a plan of succrss

  • See materials for standard based resources used.

  •  Free software

    • The software provides: instant feedback, assessment, a plan for the students' based on their needs.

    • The total software package has over 1700 questions and 6000 remedial pages.

    • allows teacher the capability to address individual student needs.

The material allows the teacher to have varied approaches to content, process, and product in anticipation of and response to student differences in readiness, interest, and learning profiles."