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How to raise comprehension of high school students  by Joe Crawley           referenced  "Reading to Graduate" Steven Jantzen – “ I read it but I can’t Get It” Eric Jensen “The learning Brain” , Jeffrey D Wilhem “ Improving Comprehensions With Think –Aloud Str                                                                                 


Why do nearly 20,000 High School Seniors fail the reading FCAT even after 3 or 4 intensive reading classes in the state of Florida?


There are 4  reasons:    Thinking and questioning correctly, overcoming boredom, adjusting to an author's style, and avoiding frustration.    

Investigation /Overview/Solution

The initial investigation was with seniors that  failed their reading FCAT 4 or 5 times and have taken 4 or 5 intensive reading classes.

  1.  The initial screening was the results of their previous FCAT.  It is important  at this time that students see the benefits  of  the investigation and how it applies to them.

  2. Reading Check   was administered  to  determine what students are doing and thinking as they read and answer questions.   It will assist in determining which of  the 4 areas of the thesis needs improvement and practice.  Click here for Student data 

  3.  Then an individual plan for the students was made.  It was based on the thesis items that the student had difficulty with.   Strategies for Reading Success by Steven Jantzen from his book  READING TO GRADUATE  should be a basis for the plan.  Reading to Graduate (Student Edition) Grades 9-12. Ideally suited for all your at-risk students, this amazingly user-friendly book makes the difference between passing and not passing.

  4.  Practice their plan on an individual basis. Click here for the integration of the study into the course Reading to Graduate and the use of FAIR